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Academic Advising

Advising Philosophy

We utilize a developmental and intrusive model of advising.  Our role is to help you find the information and experiences that will move your life in the directions you choose.  BCET advisor and faculty mentors will not "prescribe" answers or programs to you.  We believe academic advising is a collaborative process, and ultimately, you - the student - are responsible for your educational experience.  Finally, we understand career and academic development to be integral parts of your undergraduate education, as well as an ongoing, lifelong process. 

Expectations of Students

Your BCET Advisor and faculty mentor expect you to:

  • Schedule regular appointments once every semester
  • Come to appointments prepared with questions and/or topics to discuss
  • Be courteous and plan ahead (schedule appointments early and cancel/reschedule if necessary)
  • Be open to developing and clarifying your personal values and goals
  • Research college programs, policies, procedures, and opportunities as appropriate
  • Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions
  • Keep curriculum sheet handy and refer to it often
  • Check student email on regular basis
  • Ask for help when needed

Expectations of Advisors

You can expect your BCET Advisor and faculty mentor to:

  • Understand ODU degree requirements and effectively communicate them
  • Provide a safe space in which to share your thoughts, aspirations, concerns, and interests
  • Provide resources and referrals
  • Listen carefully to your questions, concerns, confusions
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Encourage and support you as you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for success
  • Assist you in making course and major decisions

Safe Zone

BCET advisors actively create an open, respectful, and supportive environment for all people.  We serve students of all abilities, sexual orientations, genders, races, cultures, and socio-economic statuses.

Academic Advisors

The EFD Academic Advisors' role is to teach students how to integrate successfully in the higher education community, to think critically about their role and responsibilities as scholars and to prepare them to be educated members of a global community.

Academic Advisor

Bonita Anthony
Kaufman Hall, Room 132C
Advising Office Hours:
By Appointment

Success Advisor

Tania Alvarez
Kaufman Hall, Room 129G
Advising Office Hours:
By Appointment

Faculty Mentors

The EFD Faculty Mentors are on hand to advise students on each of the undergraduate

engineering programs


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Lee Belfore


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. William Drewry


Mechanical Engineering

 Dr. Sushil Chaturvedi


Engineering Technology

Professor Rick Jones

Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering

Dr.James Leathrum