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Thesis/Dissertation Submission Procedures

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their manuscript is submitted on time and conforms to the style manual’s requirements.

Style Manual:

The ODU style manual can be found at: http://www.odu.edu/ao/gradstudies/publications/thesis.pdf.

If you have questions regarding the thesis/dissertation procedure after reviewing the guide, contact your advisor or graduate program director for clarification.

Thesis/Dissertation Routing:

  1. Complete the oral defense (book your conference room early through the BCET Dean’s Office).
  2. Obtain signature approval from the thesis or dissertation committee and your graduate program director.
  3. In accordance with the deadline, submit a copy of your manuscript, along with a photocopy of your M3 or DS form, to the BCET Dean's Office for editing. This service is free if manuscript is submitted prior to the deadline. If the document is submitted after the deadline, it will not be accepted and the student is responsible for securing an editor at their own expense. If needed, students may obtain a copy of qualified editors in the Dean’s Office and should deal directly with the editor regarding costs.
  4. Submit the original manuscript (marked by the editor) and a clean, corrected copy to the Dean's Office for final approval.
  5. After final approval, submit the original M3 or DS form, an original manuscript (on 100% cotton, acid free paper) and four copies (25% cotton, acid-free paper) to the Office of the Registrar in accordance with their deadline. Please check with the Registrar’s Office regarding their current binding, copyright (if applicable), and publication fees.


Semester Dean’s Office Deadline
Dean’s Office Deadline
Registrar’s Office Deadline
Registrar’s Office Deadline
Fall 2012 Friday, November 9 Friday, November 9 Friday, December 7 Friday, December 14
Spring 2013 Tuesday, April 9 Tuesday, April 16 Tuesday, April 30 Tuesday, May 7
Summer 2013 Friday, August 2* Friday, August 2* Friday, August 23* Friday, August 23*
Fall 2013 Friday, November 15* Friday, November 15* Friday, December 6* Friday, December 13*
Spring 2014 Tuesday, April 8* Tuesday, April 15* Tuesday, April 29* Tuesday, May 6*

Off Campus Submission:

Those students completing manuscripts from an off-campus location must:

  1. Designate someone as your agent to pick up and deliver your manuscript to the BCET Dean’s Office during the editing process. After manuscript finalization, this person will also need to make appropriate copies, deliver manuscript to the Office of the Registrar, and pay all applicable fees.
  2. You may send your manuscript electronically for editing. Prior to sending, please inform the Dean’s Office so an appropriate editor can be assigned; however, you will still need to designate a person to pick up the final copy, make the correct copies and deliver the documents to the Registrar's Office.
  3. To avoid any delays due to unforeseen issues, please provide the Dean’s Office with your contact information prior to leaving campus.

Important Resources:

The Writing Center:



The English Language Center:



The Registrar's Office:



The BCET Dean's Office:



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