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Course Number Title
ENMA 301 Engineering Management
ENMA 302 Engineering Economics
ENMA 401 Project Management
ENMA 420/520 Statistical Concepts in Engineering Management
ENMA 421 Decisions Techniques in Engineering
ENMA 422/522 Global Engineering and Project Management
ENMA 424 Risk Analysis in Engineering Management
ENMA 444 Leading Engineering Organizations
ENMA 480 Ethics and Philosophy for Engineering Applications
ENMA 600 Cost Estimation and Financial Analysis
ENMA 601 Organizational Analysis
ENMA 602 Systems Engineering Management
ENMA 603 Operations Research
ENMA 604 Project Management
ENMA 605 Project Capstone
ENMA 606 Engineering Law
ENMA 607 Stochastic Decision Methods
ENMA 613 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
ENMA 614 Quality System Design
ENMA 616 The Entrepreneurial Engineering Manager
ENMA 640 Integrated Systems Engineering I
ENMA 641 Requirements Management, Verification & Validation
ENMA 660 System Architecture and Modeling
ENMA 667 Cooperative Education
ENMA 669 Practicum
ENMA 688 Preparation Seminar for Systems Engineering Certification
ENMA 695/696 Topics in Engineering Management
ENMA 699 Thesis Research
ENMA 700/800 Economic Analysis of Capital Projects
ENMA 702/802 Methods for Rational Decision Making
ENMA 703/803 Applied Optimization in Engineering Management
ENMA 704/804 Design of Project Management Systems
ENMA 705/805 Fundamentals of Financial Engineering
ENMA 707/807 Project Management for Modeling and Simulation
ENMA 709/809 Statistical Aspects of Discrete Event Simulation
ENMA 710/810 Modeling and Analysis of Systems
ENMA 711/811 Methodologies for Advanced Engineering Projects
ENMA 712/812 Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems
ENMA 713/813 Integrating Ethics and Engineering Management
ENMA 714/814 Crisis Project Management
ENMA 715/815 Systems Analysis
ENMA 716/816 Complex Adaptive Situations Environment
ENMA 717/817 Cost Engineering
ENMA 721/821 Research Methods in Engineering Management
ENMA 723/823 Enterprise Systems Dynamics
ENMA 724/824 Risk Analysis
ENMA 727/827 Engineering Management and Technology
ENMA 735/835 Team Performance and Decision Making in Engineering
ENMA 743/843 Reliability and Maintainability
ENMA 750/850 Systems of Systems Design
ENMA 751/851 Systems of Systems Integration
ENMA 763/863 Robust Engineering Design
ENMA 771/871 Risk and Vulnerability Management of Complex Interdependent Systems
ENMA 776/876 Engineering Principles of Combat Modeling and Distributed Simulation
ENMA 780/880 Leadership for Engineering Managers
ENMA 795/895 Topics in Engineering Management
ENMA 888 Ph.D. Seminar
ENMA 899 Dissertation Research

NON-ENMA Courses linked to ENMA Programs

Course Number Title
IT 620 & IT 660 Information Systems Analysis and Design
ECE 505 Discrete Event Simulation
ECE 605 Systems Modeling