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Minor in Modeling and Simulation

Students wishing to minor in modeling and simulation should consult the catalog they are following for their major plan of study and meet with the MSVE Department.  An undergraduate minor in modeling and simulation may be obtained by successful completion of 12 or more credit hours of approved engineering and computer science course work at the 300 or 400 level. In addition, a student seeking a minor in modeling and simulation must satisfy all pre- or corequisite requirements for the courses selected.  The specific courses required for the minor will depend on the catalog the student falls under.  When appropriate, other course work can be developed in consultation with the chief departmental advisor.

For completion of the minor, a student must pass each course required for the minor, achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 for all courses required for the minor exclusive of lower-level courses, prerequisites and corequisites, complete a minimum of twelve hours of upper-division courses in the minor, and complete at least six hours of upper-level courses in the minor requirement through courses offered by Old Dominion University. To enter the program, students must have completed calculus and one college-level computer-programming course (CS 150 or equivalent).

To declare your minor in modeling and simulation, please visit:

Mr. Trey Mayo
Academic Advisor and Program Manager
MSVE Department
Room 1200 - Engineering and Computational Sciences Building
(757) 683-5946